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It’s all about the people.

There’s no me or us or them, it’s just we.

And things are done this way so that we can do more easily business.

SPACE800X for Business Solutions GmbH is a graduate of the ESA Business Incubation Hessen funding programme, which specialises in innovative space-related start-ups. As an independent funding instrument throughout the European Union, SPACE800X supports tech-savvy SMEs and promotes European entrepreneurial cooperation. The company develops avant-garde B2B platforms, including the ground-breaking "Smarkt b2b", the world's first matchmaking platform of its kind.

With the guiding principle "the big support the small", SPACE800X is committed to the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises by enabling SME-friendly pricing. The company is committed to efficient project work, technology and knowledge transfer in order to network all economic sectors and industries. In doing so, it emphasises the values of the European Union, in particular fair trade and the protection of SMEs, and distances itself from the data-driven business models of American digital giants.

With German servers and as the owner and operator of "Smarkt", SPACE800X also offers customised, intelligent B2B software solutions. Their software "Smarkt b2b" is also available in an internal version called "Smart E2E Market", which aims to optimise internal processes and reduce costs. The company is always open to new partnerships and integrations.