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SMARKT probabliy the smartest B2B market in Europe

Find and do everything useful for your company on one platform.

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Smarkt is aimed at all established companies of various sectors and sizes that want to increase their brand awareness and turnover, build up additional customer structures or reduce purchasing costs. Smarkt is a fully automated B2B marketplace that offers everything from integrated fraud prevention to a shop, invoice, tax and payment processing system. -You don't have to worry about anything. Only if you want to sell something, a little effort is required once to list products.

Smarkt is an easy-to-use working platform and offers a perfect, convenient and secure B2B shopping and selling experience:



What came first at Smarkt? The hen or the egg?

We say both:

  • Being a seller and a buyer at the same time.
  • With just one profile, you can create as many companies as you like and become active for them at the same time.
  • Combination offers from different company products are possible.
  • Find investors or invest yourself.

Smarkt brings together decision-makers from premium tech start-ups and established companies.


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Smarkt offers a multifunctional B2B marketplace for

  • Material processing and industrial technologies
  • B2B services
  • B2B events
  • Digital paperwork (working documents, studies, patents, etc.)

Technologies can be offered in combination with service and/or training.

Enjoy benefits

Smarkt takes over for you

  • Comparison of verified provider products
  • Sales and marketing
  • Legally compliant sales and offer B2B shopping
  • EU-wide tax processing
  • Fraud prevention and guarantee secure payment processing
  • Invoice processing and much more!

More functions


Smarkt bietet vielfalt

Smarkt gives you access to numerous new sectors, markets and target groups. Expand your business potential and reach diverse, previously untapped customer groups

Interested in aerospace?

As ESA BIC Alumni, we have direct access to a first-class aerospace network. This opens up exclusive opportunities for our members and paves the way for them into the aerospace industry.

Trade fairs and B2B events

We attend trade fairs and B2B events on your behalf and take care of acquisition, saving you valuable time and money. Benefit from our commitment and expand your business without having to make any additional effort.


SMARKT Can do more - even for established companies


While it is primarily important for start-ups to ‘introduce themselves to the market’ and ‘position themselves’, it is more important for established companies to raise their profile, increase their turnover and establish/expand additional customer structures and markets: With Smarkt, you can win over other companies and accompany start-ups from the very beginning on their way to SME or even major custome status.

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Our promise to you!

We are a German company focussed on actively and effectively supporting European SMEs. We are the equivalent of US/Asia products with a data protection guarantee to European standards. Smarkt offers free secure B2B trading in a protected space and only profits when you succeed:

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EU-wide sales & purchasing

Our marketing and sales team works for you throughout Europe. Your offers and all relevant pages and notifications are available in both German and English.

You are the decision-maker!

With us, the customer is king. You decide which company you want to do business with. You will not receive any contact requests or advertising emails. Not even from us.

Secure payment processing

With us, the seller and buyer enjoy equal protection. Credit card and payment on account are available as payment methods. Payment is fast, secure and credited directly to the seller's account.

Who can join SMARKT?

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It's not about the sales and marketing budget.
What matters is ‘to be’ Smarkt!



We expressly point out that subcontractors or dealers are not authorised.
Only direct sales from manufacturers/suppliers are possible.
‘Smarkt b2b’ is not a marketplace for private individuals or freelancers.

* B2B service provider companies, suppliers/manufacturers of B2B material processing technologies, B2B technology products/software, manufacturing companies and start-ups with technology-related companies with products ready for delivery, non-profit organisations (e.g. universities, universities of applied sciences) and investors (VC, banks, family business).