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SMARKT the smarteste B2B Mark(e)t in Europa

Find and do everything useful for your business on one platform


What came first? The hen or the egg?

We say both, because with us you can be a seller and a buyer at the same time! -Depending on your needs, you can also simply present your company on Smarkt b2b and wait to see what happens or conduct market research as a "tied list/tender buyer".

"Smarkt b2b" is short for Smart B2B Market and is a B2B marketplace where decision-makers from premium tech start-ups and established tech or service companies from various sectors come together. There is no other B2B marketplace in the world that can offer "multifunctional solutions" beyond the usual singular B2B solutions like Smarkt: On "Smarkt b2b", companies can offer sales and/or purchasing solutions for

  • Material processing technologies,
  • industrial technology solutions,
  • B2B service products,
  • B2B events individually

or in combinations. On top investors can get access to top investment companies or you can be found by investors as well as buy smart working documents or patents and studies.


How does the smart B2B market of SPACE800X work?

The perfect shopping and sales experience in the B2B sector



The only question is whether you have the courage to go down a completely new distribution path?

Smarkt is not only aimed at start-ups, but also at established companies to increase their awareness and turnover, build up additional customer structures or reduce purchasing costs. Smarkt is a fully automated B2B marketplace that offers everything from integrated fraud prevention to a shop, invoice and payment processing system. -You don't have to worry about anything as everything is fully automated. Setting up products requires very little effort. Smarkt is an easy-to-use working platform and offers the perfect B2B shopping and selling experience.




Suppliers can be manufacturers of resources / material processing / technology products / B2B service providers / B2B event providers:


The promotion of your expertise, company and products as well as the posting of content via news feeds and specialist articles are free of charge. Commission and transaction fees are only charged for successful sales.



The purchaser will be offered a wide range of B2B products. Regardless of the industry, the buyer can shop directly from the supplier:



Investors can find established companies looking for investors and start-ups with high potential:


  • No more pitches needed to do.

  • Attract investors with one click and let them find you.



  • Lucrative B2B investments in established companies and innovative Tec startups.
  • Discreet, fast and direct contact possible.



  SMARKT can do more - even for established companies

Whereas for start-ups it is primarily important to "introduce themselves to the market" and to "place themselves", established companies are more interested in increasing their awareness, their turnover and in establishing/expanding additional customer structures and markets: With Smarkt, you can attract other companies and accompany start-ups from the very beginning, on their way to SME or even key account status.

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The advantages at a glance




How to do business today

Smarkt is not a matchmaking platform and is more than "just an expert market" or a "brokerage platform for services" or a "sales platform for technology products". - Smarkt is a combination of all existing B2B networking, brokerage and B2B shopping platforms on the market plus new, unique innovations to replace them. Smarkt complements and does not aim to replace face-to-face business transactions. Smarkt is also an additional option in the event of crises or supply problems:

SmarktT enables your company to use digital B2B purchasing and distribution channels for resources and labour within a protected "trading space". At the same time, drive your own digital agenda forward in a targeted way and reduce distribution and purchasing costs.

Bidding and requesting quotes, as well as disclosing project information and the long search for suitable technlogies, expertise and sales or negotiation marathons are a thing of the past. Everything important for your company at a glance, can reduce skills shortages and supplier problems.

Smarkt enables material processin-/ technology and service transfer between industries in Europe and inspires the emergence of innovative technology applications through the latest technology and software solutions.

Smarkt enables expansion opportunities, sales increases and time savings. With just a few clicks you can focus on the essentials, save working hours, find new suppliers and win new customers in hard-to-reach industries and markets across the EU.

Smarkt offers not only useful business solutions, but also cost savings through price comparisons, shopping without middlemen, and purchasing process optimization. Cost savings supplier side through digital support in sales. Travel costs are reduced, no more need for quotes or follow-up. Customers come directly to you.

Together achieving a greener B2B footprint by optimizing workflows, reducing travel and sales activities, and saving energy through consistent digtal action. Smarkt is helping to improve the carbon footprint as many companies across Europe are joining in.


The SMARKT-Functions at a glance

Ready to rethink about technology and business?



from SPACE800X

helps you sell and find
the best and most cost effective
B2B solutions.

B2B Premium Networking

  • On Smarkt trade only decision-makers from all sectors
  • Top executives from business and technology as well as top company investments
  • Smarkt members do business with each other and do not bother each other
  • No "show run of people" but instead a focus on "pure business"


Full  B2B Service

  • Integrated fraud prevention, payment processing, invoice management and protection for sellers and buyers
  • Increase your visibility with published company profiles, products and seminars
  • Unlimited free press releases, specialised articles and only business-relevant news feeds


  • Eliminating the shortage of skilled labour by using service providers

  • Direct purchase and sale of customised B2B service packages

  • Offers tailored to company size and budget

  • Personal implementation by experts you have got to know in advance

  • Selection/limitation of countries and other filters possible


  • Overview of latest material processing-/ technologies in and outside the industry
  • Technology transformation for innovative products and material processin, enabling products to achieve innovative revolution


  • Offer or buy material processing technologies or innovative technologies in combination with/without service and training offers
  • No middlemen
  • Attract new business partners EU-wide
  • Become and find suppliers EU-wide


  • Booking and offering of B2B events and trainings (e-learning, workshops, seminars, business events)



  • Providing and access to specialised information, documents and tools such as templates, sample contracts, reports and calculation sheets, patents or studies.


coming soon:

  • Find your dream student for your dream STEM job


...and much more.

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Our promise to you!

We are a German company that focusses on actively and effectively supporting European SMEs. We are the equivalent of US products with a data protection guarantee to European standards. SMARKT offers secure B2B trading in a protected space:

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WHo can join SMARKT?

Let's start the future together




B2B solution-oriented and "new customer seekers",
who want to try out new digital purchasing and sales channels,
can register right here.

Do you work for an innovative, future-orientated company? If so, look no further to win your next customer and achieve steady, rapid sales growth!


We expressly point out that subcontractors or dealers are not authorised.
Only direct sales from manufacturers/suppliers are possible.
"Smarkt b2b" is not a marketplace for private individuals or freelancers.

* B2B service provider companies, suppliers/manufacturers of B2B material processing technologies, B2B technology products/software, manufacturing companies and start-ups with technology-related companies with products ready for delivery, non-profit organisations (e.g. universities, universities of applied sciences) and investors (VC, banks, family business).