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Become a partner of SMARKT and enjoy the benefits of partnership


Thank you for your interest in our partner program. SMARKT is the first and only business to business platform where service product packages, industrial technologies and business events can be sold and purchased.

Partners can become whose network deals with technology in any form, in the form of application or production or use or offer business services.

The following types of institutions can be included in the SMARKT Partner Program:

  • Business incubators
  • Affiliated
  • Competence centers
  • Business networks with technology reference
  • SMARKT Partner

Partner benefits:

  • Increase the awareness of your institute by marketing your organisation on SMARKT.
  • We provide our partners with a free branded platform page with their logo, which they can then integrate into their own company homepage and make available to their start-ups/companies/network as a free additional service.
  • Ecosystem integration: Companies that have already established their own business, technology or incubation networks can use the SMARKT software to manage and expand these ecosystems. This opens up new possibilities and creates a bridge between different business networks, which is only possible to a limited extent in traditional commerce.  We make our software available to our partners free of charge for this purpose.
  • Free advertising on our start page by placing your logo on the start page of www.smarktb2b.com.
  • Free advertising material: You will receive SMARKT postcards with your own logo on them.

If you are interested in participating in our partner program, please contact us using the contact button below.


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